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It's that time of year and once again we need to be even more diligent about checking for ticks and insect bites now more than ever with Covid-19 creating so much stress in our lives.

Lyme Disease and Insect-borne Illness

Symptoms of Lyme Disease 

Lyme Disease is an infection caused by a spirchete bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb), which can cause a constellation of symptoms.

• Symptoms of Lyme can include lack of energy to crushing fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain, fibromyalgia, sleep problems

• Lyme neurological problems can include brain fog, vision disturbances, headaches, memory loss

• Symptoms may be unexplained, especially if you were not aware of a tick bite. An acute infection comes on suddenly, similar to flu symptoms and a tick bite or bulls eye rash may or may not be seen.

• Lyme Disease can range from a sudden acute Lyme infection to a slow erosion of health from persistent Lyme Disease.

• A persistent or chronic Lyme infection or “Lyme presence” may result from prior exposure and may present as a general decline in health or persistent health problems of unknown cause, or may exhibit as a set of brand new symptoms, which can be mild or severe.

There are at least 5 subspecies of Borrelia burgdorferi, over 100 strains in the US, and 300 strains worldwide. This diversity is thought to contribute to the antigenic variability of the spirochete to evade being picked up on Lyme testing, evade the immune system and antibiotic therapy, leading to chronic infection. Furthermore, a person with Lyme disease may be co-infected with other organisms and co-infections often require different antibiotic therapy compared to Lyme Disease.


Integrative Treatment of Lyme Disease and Co-Infections

Acute Lyme Disease infection responds well to aggressive antibiotic, anti protozoal therapy. There is no universally accepted treatment. During chronic or persistent Lyme infection, the organism burrows deep into tissues that some antibiotics can reach only marginally. This is but one of many reasons why a two-to-four week treatment cannot eliminate chronic infection. The two most common reasons people do not respond to Lyme  Disease treatment are untreated co-infections and/or the presence of heavy metals in the body.

The consensus opinion of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) and many other healthcare professionals is that an individualized treatment approach is necessary based on clinical judgment.

• Reduce the Lyme Disease and Microbial Burden on the Body

• Support the Immune System

A logical way to approach Lyme Disease treatment is to reduce the microbial burden in the body- clear it out- and restore immune function, thus restoring healthy balance again. The Lyme burden may be cleared out of the body with antibiotics and/or herbal supplements. Immune system support is key to health and healing.


Multi-Faceted, Integrative Medical Treatment to Lyme Disease

There is no universally accepted treatment. During chronic infection the organism burrows deep into tissues that some antibiotics can reach only marginally. This is but one of many reasons why a two-to-four week treatment cannot eliminate chronic infection. The consensus opinion of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) and many other healthcare professionals is that an individualized treatment approach is necessary based on clinical judgment.

We find that no one treatment option works best for everyone and the Lyme Disease treatment plan must be customized based on history, physical exam and symptoms. We participate in the following communities for the most up to date Lyme Disease information: ILADS, Burrascano, Buhner, Klinghardt.

MidAtlantic’s Lyme-literate practitiioners have received additional education and training specifically for insect borne illness (like Lyme Disease) and will treat based on your history and symptoms using a multi-faceted holistic approach for the best outcome.


Lab Testing for Lyme Disease

We use the most reliable and up to date Lyme Disease  and co-infection lab tests available including traditional lab testing, Lab Corp, Quest, Igenex, Western Blot, CD 57, Urine test and other tests as needed.

Of the many patients with acute culture-proven Lyme disease, 20–30% remain seronegative on serial Western Blot sampling. Antibody titers also appear to decline over time; thus while the Western Blot may remain positive for months, it may not always be sensitive enough to detect chronic infection with the Lyme spirochete.

Exercise: This is very important to stimulate overalll health and wellness. So move your body every day even if its just a walk around the block.  Exercise improves immune function lymph flow and natural detoxification. 

Diet: We all are unique finding the best diet for you, free of food allergies and of course limiting processed, GMO, and high sugar foods is a step in the right direction. Learning optimal ways to prepare you food to maximize the nutrition can be helpful too.

Hydration: Optimal water intake, and its quality is a very important part of the lifestyles changes.

Mind-Body: Stress management, mindfulness/meditation, prayer, Traditional Chinese Medicine practices of Ti Chi and Qi Gong are some of the positive therapies that are very helpful

Our Team


Wayne Bonlie M.D.

Medical Director

 Wayne Bonlie M.D.

Dr. Bonlie trained as a family doctor.  He has taken that specialty and focused it in Integrative Medicine.  Dr. Bonlie is passionate about blending the best care available from multiple sources.  He works to see the whole person to find the underlying imbalances that generate the symptoms / disease that surface . There have been a lot of steps along the way leading Wayne to his Integrative Medicine practice.  He was raised in British Columbia with parents who were extremely health conscious.  From a young age Wayne was extremely interested in science and how things worked.  He went to college in Washington State and finished a graduate degree in Physiology and his medical degree at Loma Linda University in California.  He had his first major shift after reading “Love, Medicine and Miracles” by Bernie Segal at the end of his first year of med school. This book lead Wayne to exploration in meditation, mind-body connection and a new way of viewing the world.

After residency,where he was chief resident, he ran a solo family practice clinic for nine years in Hoquiam, a small town at the base of the Olympic Peninsula.  During that time he was medical director of the local hospice program and served a year as Medical Chief of Staff for a 99 bed hospital serving the needs of the county. During the difficult birth experience of their first daughter, Wayne and Cherry-Lee were introduced to Healing Touch therapy by an RN at the hospital’s special care nursery.  This opened Wayne to energy medicine and led to further classes, workshops and experiences.

In 2004 Wayne accepted a position as Director of Research for a company developing a magnetic therapy device. This brought him and his family to the East Coast and allowed him to start seeing clients with an alternative and holistic focus – now his full time work.  Attending many classes and seminars on Integrative Medicine he continues to learn daily about new therapies and health research.  He finds great satisfaction in helping people find personal solutions to their health puzzles.

His interest is in helping patients find natural and alternative health practices that will complement and enhance their health and well-being, while still utilizing the best aspects of conventional medicine where appropriate.

Each person is unique, and conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and bioidentical hormone replacement requires unique care.  Dr. Bonlie will work with you to tailor a regimen that will work for you and your personal health.  He will take the time to really listen to you and allow you to really have a conversation about your health and time to have your questions answered.

Dr. Bonlie’s areas of special interest:


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Natural Thyroid Treatment

Adrenal Fatigue

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)


Candida issues


Debbie McCabe 

Naturopath Director Family Wellness

 Debbie McCabe, Naturopath 

Director of Family Wellness &

 Integrative Therapy                                                                

Specialty: Wellness, Mystery Illness

Practice Philosophy: Debbie approaches health care & wellness from a “whole body” perspective. We are as unique as our fingerprints & no single diet, medication or protocol works for all people. Our Wellness Plans factor genetic & other vital information for individuals. 

Supporting integrative modalities from

Associations including : American College for the Advancement of Medicine (ACAM), American Holistic Medical Association, International College of Integrative Medicine (ICIM), International Association of Integrative Medicine (IAIM)

Debbie’s background includes 25 years of training in traditional, herbal, homeopathic and integrative medical settings. Studying and working in nutrition, herbal medicine and other CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) therapies. In 2005 she left a traditional urgent care center to open the first “green” Wellness Center on the Eastern Shore in order to devote full time her attention to Integrative Health and Wellness. To stay abreast of the ever changing medical environment Debbie attends continuing education conferences and workshops though the American College for the Advancement of Medicine, ILADS, Klinghart etc. With research and cutting edge modalities she takes the time  to explain the “how and why” of many current health conditions and empowers patients to become a partner in wellness taking control of their health. Debbie was invited to participant in the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Critical Needs and Gaps in Understanding Prevention, Amelioration, and Resolution of Lyme and Other Insect Borne Diseases and the The Institute of Medicine (IOM) Integrative Medicine and Health Summit. As a knowledgeable practitioner, educator & speaker on the subject of Insect Borne Illness she presented at  Supervisor Herrity’s Fairfax County’s Town Hall Meetings for the state of Virginia as well as Monkton, Maryland’s Lyme Disease Seminar and numerous other groups. She has provided continuing education material for Medical professionals at the ILADS conference National Harbor.
As a mom she understands the impact a sick child / family member has on a family & her goal as an integrative practitioner is to empower parents to take charge of their family’s health and well-being.
Recognizing that many of today’s health issues are multi-system disorders affecting gastrointestinal, immunological & neurological problems, which may be triggered by our increasingly toxic environment. Teaching all people how to make healthy diet & “lifestyle changes” & encourage long term wellness her goal.

Debbie is one of the the few in this field working with under privileged and military families donating her time and providing health care & wellness education & was recognized on Sept 10th, 2011 after being nominated and made “Dame”of the Royal Order of Knights and Dames of OSCM at the Army Navy Club in Washington, D.C. for her charitable work.

In addition to her practice and raising 4 children, she is an active member of her community serving on St. Francis School Board for 6 years.  She started 1st non-profit sports program for "at risk" children back in 2000.


Part time Front Desk
If you need some encouragement to hit the gym, or talk sports talk to Dick he can point you in the right direction. In his 70's he still works outs 5-7 times a week at least once per day.  We appreciate his help and his knowledge of proper weight training at any age. 

We are excited to announce that our new location is:  

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 At Midatlantic we realize that every person is as unique as their fingerprint. There is no such thing as a one shot cure all!   We provide the best testing and treatment information to restore vital systems in the body. Current medical research has shown many important pathways have been disrupted and impacts our wellness and quality of life.. Returning these pathways to functioning efficient systems improves long term health. Our commitment is to improve the quality of life and maintain it for a lifetime 

 Identifying your specific problem in a thorough and scientific manner. Through the collaboration of doctors, research scientists, therapists and other specialists. 

   Every year an increasing number of children and adults are diagnosed with new illnesses. These include allergies, ADD/ADHD, behavior disorders, asthma, stomach problems, geriatric concerns, autoimmune problems, PDD, PMS, stress, hormonal imbalances, depression, Insect borne illnesses and more. 

Our society is changing rapidly and medical science  is constantly challenged to reevaluate and keep up and integrate new practices. The medical information gained by leading scientists has provided the undeniable evidence that imbalances of  important vitamins, minerals, amino acids, certain chemicals, and infections play a direct role in our health. 

 There is little doubt that diet, genetics, and environmental factors contribute to the growing numbers of chronically sick children and adults.

    At Midatlantic we are dedicated to providing Community Education, Nutritional Counseling, Biomedical Testing, and other complementary health care services by integrating all necessary conventional, traditional, alternative and complementary medical treatments, we restore the essential balance and help you reestablish your health and vitality.    

Far Infrared Sauna Therapy
Nutritional Counseling & More
Essential Oils
Diet programs
Detox Footbaths


Holistic Family Support Group, nothing is more intimidating than a new baby so if its your 1st or 5th if your interested in Holistic Family Support we would like to grow a local holistic family support as well as online / live support meetings. Email us at [email protected]